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Getting Past Your Past #15 February 19, 2013

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This blog update will not be original to me…I plan to share a story that I heard many years ago. The Talley Qt. encountered a situation with a woman along their travels…….

“This woman contacts me, she had never met me, so she felt secure in being able to share….we began to talk and I tried to minister to her. She came with much baggage as many of us do today. She had a sorted past of pain and despair. As the months went on, she would contact me more and more. Although I had no problem in counseling with her, and establishing a friendship, there seemed to be a common ending to what I had to say.

See, this woman would always have a reason that my advice would not work for her and her situation. She just wasn’t willing to let go of the pain of her circumstances, etc… I had gotten to the place that I didn’t feel that I could any longer help this person.

Soon after this realization, God gave me a song….I had been working on this particular song in practice, but as a group…we had not yet performed it…..

Riding along one day to minister to a church, the Lord makes clear to me that I am to sing that song that I wrote having that particular woman in mind….I said Lord, we haven’t even worked on it long enough to do today….but, the Holy Spirit’s leading was very strong. So out of obedience, when the time came…we sang that song and told this story….

See, by the time we were done singing that day, the altar had filled with multiple people shedding tears over sin, receiving healing over broken hearts, etc…..people were getting past their past….

At the end of the service a woman came to me and asked if she could speak to me privately. We began to talk and she then told me that SHE was THAT woman that he had referred to. See, we had never met face to face, only correspondence through telephone….

I began to squirm a bit, I said “well I guess your not real happy with me about telling all these people about you…” She humbly replied….That is just fine, because I too was at that altar, GETTING PAST MY PAST……..”

Now, to my knowledge that is an accurate account of the event that blessed my heart some 18yrs ago. I heard that testimony and took it to heart. I often reminded myself that I could never move past anything in my past if all I was going to be was a victim. Now, having said that….do I have bad moments?? Of course, you can’t be raised in the living hell that I was and not walk away with some serious scars. But, the important thing is to recognize that the Lord, Himself had His hand in leading my life. I was not and am not my own. I knew from an early age that there was something different about me. I knew that I didn’t “match” my family…I knew that there was a STRONG pulling from the Holy Spirit (tho i didn’t know what that was at the time, i did know that SOMETHING was working in my life)….you see, my life was spared, it was protected and has prospered since…the point is that I got past my past, or should I say….I am getting past it. Some areas are in progress, some are fully conquered, etc….each person has to assess the “damage” of the situation and work through accordingly. But, we have to be willing to let go at some point. Holding on only keeps us hurting.

Now, is it possible that people become addicted to that whole victim mentality?? I do believe so. I think that some people have become too relaxed with their pain. We all do at some degree I believe. Hello, we ALL think that we are justified in our pity and self loathing. And, we all do have those times with understanding, but my point is that if you continually dwell on the wrong in your life and NEVER find the positive, then you are living a defeated life. What kind of testimony is that? If you never have an end to the story and light at the end of the tunnel, then why would it be interesting to anyone else, how can they find any comfort for themselves through your life??

Sometimes, I think that you have to put your big girl/boy pants on and just get over yourself. Now, I realize that if you had said that to me, I would be hitting the lil’ EXIT button on your blog, BUT….I do think that with some of my experiences, I can with some degree of wisdom say that you can’t keep living in the defeat of your situations. I am in no position really to “preach” to anyone for SURE….I am just sharing what I have found true. Sometimes healing is just like a diet or headache, etc….if YOU don’t take that first step in acceptance, etc…then it doesn’t just jump off your hips (the weight), it doesn’t just begin to relieve pain (the tylenol)…you see my point??? Sometimes you have to help yourself as well. But, I am doing the best I can you say….BUT are you really? Is that all that our Creator made in you?? I think that you are better than what you think, I think that you have WAY more than you realize as far as the ability to overcome….you are SPECIAL, you are HIS…..accounted for, loved, you’re not a number…don’t you think that the Lord has given you the power through the Holy Spirit to overcome???? The question is, do you really want to….or do you want to continue to bask in the “hurt” like this lady did…….Please forgive the strong words and accept the love behind it. I too battle with self pity…we all do…..just remember that ONLY until we are tired of the mud can we crawl out of it. God has more for us than that……..He wants to use your life as a testimony for HIS glory.

***LYRICS*** : “you can get past your past, you can walk away from painful memories, past your past, you don’t have to be alone, you can stand upon the Word of God, His heart can be your home, let Jesus bring you past your past, then you can go on….Go on, Go on, let Jesus bring you past your past, then you can GO ON….”


2 Responses to “Getting Past Your Past #15”

  1. Martha Crawford Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so powerful!

  2. myra mckee in Mississippi Says:

    See why the Lord is using you, Jesus said, “leave her alone she is doing what she could for His glory”

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